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filizanka_mI'm a stranger in a green paradise.
This is the title I would give to this new article.
It's a raining day and too cold for a bicycle tour even if it could be fun to ride under a little shower.
Walking in the city could be an answer as I don't have for today another options.
Therefore I'm wondering how many foreigner languages school there are here in city of Szczecin, how many people are willing to learn another language and how many students are already learning a foreign languages and there is no place to communicate, to get a social contact outside the ring of their school, a place where you can get a simple book, read a foreigner book either in English, Spanish or Italian by having a confrontation and how many strangers around with no place to go to read a book within the atmosphere of sharing.
A commercial center of education, where all the arts are getting together in a unison of knowledge even if we find the answer within the mystery.
Inside the structure, a chocolate area will sell what all the citizen are covered by the aroma, the spirit of a factory with no chance to visit, an insult of the same movie (The chocolate factory).
Beauty is a matter of form following function.
I'm a stranger in a green paradise

Zmieniony: poniedziałek, 10 maja 2010 14:22
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