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szczecin_j_bloniaA few point on How to keep the city clean , to clean up and organize a dog toilet:
• educate people to clean up there dog mess by creating sign on the road, messages, billboards, so that owners can read and get educated and who is not an owning a dog will report the message by keeping clean the city...a real publicity campaign in the areas more affective and more.
• security for the ambient should be hired by giving a fine to whom is littering
• every dog owner has a card that will be pointed by “taking away points” whenever you have been caught without cleaning up by the security. When a maximum point its reached, your dog will be take it away as you are not suitable citizen for a social community in a clean environment.
• fine directly every littering person by a security of a clean ambient and safe environment
• by stressing the people for a while they will automatically learn and get educated of taking care of them self within the hygiene for themselves and respect to other citizens.
• by registering all the dogs owners, offer mini spaces, organize areas, in a matter of how many dogs are in that area

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